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Our natural tobacco leaves are sourced directly and only from the best quality Italian tobacco fields. Farmed through generations with traditional methods, dried for preservation and delivered to your door. Only these 3 steps are needed to guarantee an exceptional tobacco leaf ready for use. Italy, as per other many agricultural products, presents climate and terrain characteristic that are ideal for growing tobacco, furthermore, Italy has one of the most stringent agricultural legislation guaranteeing the plants are properly grown. The outstanding quality of our raw tobacco leaf allows Indie Leaves to skip the chemical enhancement used in the industrial production of tobacco. We take pride in the tobacco leaf we deliver, making sure the natural flavours, fragrance and quality of each tobacco leaf type can be savored at the moment of consumption.

Virginia Tobacco

Virginia is by far the most popular tobacco leaf type used in today. About 60% of the American tobacco crop is Virginia. Virginia is the mildest of all blending tobaccos and has the highest level of natural dextrose (sugar), which basically gives it a light sweet taste. Virginia is used in virtually all blends, is a good burner and aids in lighting. It imparts a light sweet taste when used in moderation.

Burley Tobacco

Burley tobacco is the next most popular tobacco for tobacco leaf blending. It contains almost no sugar, which gives a much dryer and fuller aroma than Virginia. Burley is used in many aromatic blends because it absorbs the flavorings. Burley tobacco burns slowly and is a cool smoke, which makes it a nice addition to blends that tend to burn fast and strong. – “white burley” – a natural tobacco taste with a soft character that will never “bite”.

Kentukey Tobacco

Kentucky presents leaves particularly dark in color, it belongs to the category of the “Fire-cured” and this entails a lengthy drying process which provides a strong aroma and a very decided and original taste. Production of this tobacco leaf variety is quite limited and initially, it was mainly used for chewing only. Later this tobacco leaf was used differently to obtain particularly strong taste in new blends.

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