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This site provides only dried, cured and aged whole leaves (Rib Intact)

We only sell for home personal use not for the manufacturing of whole leaf tobacco. 
Tobacco products are products for adults over 18 years of age. It is generally recognized that smoking constitutes a risk factor regarding the development of illnesses and good health and that it can be difficult to stop smoking.


Tobacco leaves are not considered a tobacco product in Europe and other parts  of the world,  because it needs to be processed in order to be used; Indie Leaves in its unprocessed form is an agricultural product.

Please note we do not supply leaves for wholesale 

There is no Tobacco Tax on Whole Leaf in it's raw state, But if you Manufacture the leaf into smoking tobacco
Duties becomes Payable to your local tax autority.  It is your duty to contact your local office on how to pay the currant rates in force.

All Major Credit Cards are Accepted Via Paypal

Please Note we do not Ship to the U.S.A.

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